Summer 2019

Myofascial Trigger Points in Veterinary Patients

A veterinary nurse’s goal is to teach clients tools to promote reduction in Myofascial Trigger Point activation in their pets, thereby relieving pain and providing better outcomes and successful, long-lasting treatments.

Unique and Unusual: Exotic Animal Medicine

The surge in ownership of exotic animals has contributed to an increase in owners seeking veterinary care for their pets. Veterinarians and veterinary nurses are finding themselves faced with providing medical care for nontraditional pets, which presents unique challenges.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Each member of the veterinary healthcare team plays an important role that is critical to the overall success of the team and, subsequently, to the overall wellness of the patient and success of the hospital.

Nurture Wellbeing in the Veterinary Workplace

Burnout, compassion fatigue, work-related stress, depression, and suicide are words that we veterinary nurses are unfortunately familiar with. Fostering employee wellbeing has become a focus in the workplace, and, fortunately, various organizations, including NAVTA, have dedicated resources to providing tools and support for veterinary employers and employees.

ASPCA and the Arms of Angels

As veterinary nurses, we dedicate our lives to helping animals because we are animal welfare warriors. Together, all of us can create an environment to help these animals gain a better life—one they all deserve. Please consider volunteering at the ASPCA.

Providing Care for Dogs with Heatstroke

Because every second counts: A discussion of the physiology of normal thermoregulation and the pathophysiology of heatstroke in dogs; plus, how to recognize, treat, and care for the heatstroke patient.

The 3 Rs of Tick-Borne Diseases

The veterinary medical team must use effective communication and education to ensure clients understand the threat of tick-borne disease and the best preventive methods.

Veterinary Professionals Explore Forming a Union

A small grassroots movement of veterinary staff personnel, including associate veterinarians, formed the National Veterinarian Professionals Union (NVPU) in 2018. The NVPU seeks to draw attention to the plight of overworked, underpaid veterinary staff. Protection Status