Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Case Report Clinical Progress of Lingual Hemangiosarcoma in a Cat

EARLY DETECTION Addressing the local disease and the potential for systemic spread early on has been important in prolonging the overall survival. This case report describes the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, and follow-up of a feline patient with an uncommon oral tumor. The favorable clinical outcome after single-agent doxorubicin chemotherapy and radiation showed that these modalities …

Preventing Motion Sickness in Dogs

In animals, motion sickness may be a behavior issue rather than a physical one. This article describes the potential causes of motion sickness in dogs and available therapeutic options.

Purr-fect Feline Anesthesia

Purr-fect Feline Anesthesia

Anesthetizing cats can present several challenges, from managing patient stress to administering anesthetics to monitoring during the procedure. Read this article for information that can help you improve the anesthesia experience for your feline patients. Protection Status