Winter Holiday Toxins

The winter holiday season holds an abundance of dangers for domestic pets that could result in toxicosis. This article will focus on exposures to chocolate, grapes and raisins, and homemade playdough in dogs. Plants that dogs and cats are commonly exposed to during the winter months will also be discussed. The winter holiday season holds …

Trazodone in Veterinary Medicine

Trazodone is commonly prescribed in human medicine to treat various disorders, such as depression and anxiety, and is sometimes used in pets as well. Here’s what to do if an animal is accidentally exposed to toxic amounts of trazodone.

Oral Decontamination in Dogs and Cats

Oral Decontamination in Dogs and Cats

Decontamination to minimize or prevent clinical signs of toxicosis is an important step in managing poisoning cases. Read this article to learn about common methods of oral decontamination.

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Top 10 Toxins That Are Rarely Serious

Read this article for some very common “toxic” exposures that may sound serious but rarely cause any significant clinical signs. Some recommendations for treatment—if needed—are included.

Iron Toxicosis

Iron Toxicosis

Many common household items contain elemental iron, which can be toxic if consumed in great enough quantities. Learn how to calculate ingested amounts and the steps of decontamination and treatment in affected animals. Protection Status