Working to Cure Cancer in Animals

Veterinary oncology research strives to advance the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in dogs, cats, and other species. Across the nation, veterinary schools and other institutions are conducting clinical studies on a variety of cancers, many of which hold promise for both animals and humans.

Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial Tests Universal Vaccine Against Canine Cancer

The Vaccination Against Canine Cancer Study will evaluate a vaccine strategy for the prevention of cancer in dogs. Much like an influenza vaccine bolsters the body’s readiness to fight the flu, this preventative vaccine follows the same principle, “to have the immune system primed such that if a cancer cell develops, it will attack,” says David Vail, a professor and board-certified oncologist at the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Veterinary Medicine.

First Sea Lion Treated for Cancer with Advanced Radiation

Thanks to an effective three-fold partnership between the Pittsburgh Zoo and the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center (PVSEC) and PetCure Oncology, a Sea Lion has a new lease on life. Zookeepers discovered a few months ago that Zoey, a a 23-year old California sea lion, had been afflicted with an aggressive type of cancer …

Clinical Progress of Lingual Hemangiosarcoma in a Cat

This case report describes the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, and follow-up of a feline patient with an uncommon oral tumor. The favorable clinical outcome after single-agent doxorubicin chemotherapy and radiation showed that these modalities can be used to manage discomfort and tumor control, improving the quality of life of a patient with lingual hemangiosarcoma.

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