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What Moves You: Changing Animal Welfare on Native Reservations

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Rural Area Veterinary Services provides free veterinary care to underserved communities located in Native American reservations in the western U.S. It was life-changing for the author.

Final Thoughts: Burnout in Veterinary Nursing

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Burnout prevention in the veterinary profession does not only fall on the shoulders of employers. Veterinary nurses are caregivers, but in addition to helping patients, they need to care for themselves and their colleagues.

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Nutrition Notes: Prebiotics and Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

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It can be challenging to find nutraceuticals that do what their manufacturers say they do — here’s what’s behind the hype of probiotics and prebiotics.

From the Field: The Importance of Veterinary Technicians

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By respecting and empowering veterinary technicians, we all benefit: clients tend to be more engaged and well-informed, and the health and wellbeing of their pets may also benefit as a result.

Career Challenges: You’ve Been Promoted! Now What?

The road to a positive work environment is paved with respect for one another. For the veterinary team leader that road comes with speed bumps—all of which can be overcome with superior leadership, respect, integrity, and enthusiasm.

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Continuing Education | Anesthesia for Geriatric Patients

Older patients may appear “healthy” for their age, but they often have multiple underlying organ dysfunctions that, when challenged by general anesthesia, can result in a cascade of detrimental events. This CE course will help you create an appropriate anesthesia plan for the geriatric patient.

Dermatology: Immune-Mediated Skin Disorders of Dogs

When an animal's immune system’s ability to differentiate self from nonself is compromised, immune-mediated skin disorders can occur.

Fluid Calculations: Keeping a Balance

IV fluid therapy is a skill veterinary technicians utilize daily.

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