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Final Thoughts: Is Suicide Preventable?

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In the veterinary community, we must show compassion when talking to colleagues and coworkers who are at risk for suicide.

Achieving Work-Life Balance in Your Veterinary Career

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When you work in the veterinary profession, taking care of yourself is not selfish; it’s a must to maintain emotional and physical health.

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Veterinary Professionals at Risk due to Hazardous Chemotherapy Drugs

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Veterinary professionals have higher exposure to chemotherapy drugs than counterparts in human medicine because they are not taking proper precautions, say researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC wants to change that.

Veterinarians Collaborate to Save the Eye of a Rare Okapi Calf

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University of Florida veterinarians performed a keratectomy to correct a rare eye abnormality in an endangered okapi calf.

Mast Cell Tumor that Causes Skin Cancer in Dogs Breakthrough?

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Could the results of a unique new study that looked at mast cell tumors — which cause a common skin cancer in dogs — lead to drugs that could someday cure the disease?

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Dermatology: Immune-Mediated Skin Disorders of Dogs

When an animal's immune system’s ability to differentiate self from nonself is compromised, immune-mediated skin disorders can occur.

Fluid Calculations: Keeping a Balance

IV fluid therapy is a skill veterinary technicians utilize daily.

Dangers of Hypothermia: Avoiding the Cold

This article describes hypothermia dangers, causes, and risk factors; how to prevent or detect hypothermia; and how to treat it should it occur.

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