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Final Thoughts: Is Suicide Preventable?

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In the veterinary community, we must show compassion when talking to colleagues and coworkers who are at risk for suicide.

Achieving Work-Life Balance in Your Veterinary Career

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When you work in the veterinary profession, taking care of yourself is not selfish; it’s a must to maintain emotional and physical health.

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Mast Cell Tumor that Causes Skin Cancer in Dogs Breakthrough?

Could the results of a unique new study that looked at mast cell tumors — which cause a common skin cancer in dogs — lead to drugs that could someday cure the disease?

Nutrition Notes: Key Nutritional Factors in Treating Pancreatitis

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Gastrointestinal (GI) problems are one of the leading causes for which pets present to veterinary hospitals. When managing a patient nutritionally, the health care team should be knowledgeable of key nutritional factors and their impact.

Case Report: Dentistry Impacted Maxillary Canine Tooth in a Persian Cat

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Dental radiography is recommended whenever examination of the oral cavity reveals missing teeth and extraction is preferred to avoid cyst development and subsequent bone/tissue destruction. The author takes you through this case step-by-step.

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Dermatology: Immune-Mediated Skin Disorders of Dogs

When an animal's immune system’s ability to differentiate self from nonself is compromised, immune-mediated skin disorders can occur.

Fluid Calculations: Keeping a Balance

IV fluid therapy is a skill veterinary technicians utilize daily.

Dangers of Hypothermia: Avoiding the Cold

This article describes hypothermia dangers, causes, and risk factors; how to prevent or detect hypothermia; and how to treat it should it occur. Protection Status