A Splintering Situation: A Case of Wooden Chest Syndrome in a Dog

Little is known about chest wall rigidity, or “wooden chest syndrome,” in veterinary patients and it can prove to be fatal without expert intervention.

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Trends in Dog Training Methods

While some training methods that have been popularized on television may produce quick results, they also may create stress for the pet or damage the human-animal bond.

Exotic Medicine

Avian Nutrition: It’s for the Birds

Pet bird owners influence their bird’s diet and therefore have a major impact on their birds’ health and longevity.

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Feline Panleukopenia Virus

Veterinary nurses who understand the FPV disease process and supportive care that must accompany treatment of FPV-infected cats will be able to provide excellent nursing care for the patient.


The Veterinary Nurse’s Role in Reading Blood Gases

Knowing when and how to draw blood gas samples, as well as how to interpret the results, is critical to good patient care.


Managing Canine Corneal Ulcers

This review examines corneal anatomy and physiology, basic classifications of corneal ulcers, what owners need to know about caring for dogs with ulcers, and monitoring patients with corneal ulcers.


Use of FAST Ultrasonography in Veterinary Emergency Rooms

With proper training, veterinary nurses can perform TFAST and AFAST scans on emergent patients.