Practice Management

The Issue of Title Protection

What can we, as veterinary technicians who are feeling helpless and frustrated against the misuse of our professional title, do? Solutions to this issue will come in different forms and require the efforts of all members of the field.

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This Is Your Celebration!

Fall is almost upon us and with it comes numerous awareness weeks and months in the veterinary world, including National Veterinary Technician Week.

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Each member of the veterinary healthcare team plays an important role that is critical to the overall success of the team and, subsequently, to the overall wellness of the patient and success of the hospital.

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Nurture Wellbeing in the Veterinary Workplace

Burnout, compassion fatigue, work-related stress, depression, and suicide are words that we veterinary nurses are unfortunately familiar with. Fostering employee wellbeing has become a focus in the workplace, and, fortunately, various organizations, including NAVTA, have dedicated resources to providing tools and support for veterinary employers and employees.

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veterinary technicians task force

AVMA Creates Task Force to Look at Better Using Vet Techs

The AVMA Board of Directors will seek to develop a plan to improve veterinary technician utilization. The group will take into account the importance of financial and career sustainability, effective task delegation, and the well-being of both veterinary technicians and practices.

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You’ve Been Promoted! Now What?

The road to a positive work environment is paved with respect for one another. For the veterinary team leader that road comes with speed bumps—all of which can be overcome with superior leadership, respect, integrity, and enthusiasm.

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