Soft Tissue Surgery

Keys to Successful High-Level Disinfection And Sterilization Processes

Today’s veterinary technicians are uniquely placed to make a difference in the lives of animal patients, in part by ensuring that proper protocols and procedures are in place to help prevent perioperative infections. Learn about the different types of disinfection and sterilization processes and when each is appropriate.

Today’s Technician: Assisting the Surgeon – Practical Strategies for Preventing Nosocomial Infections

This article was originally published in the March/April 2013 “Today’s Technician” column of Today’s Veterinary Practice. Today’s Veterinary Practice is the NAVC’s official, peer-reviewed journal for veterinarians. You can find the full list of “Today’s Technician” articles on the Today’s Veterinary Practice website. Postoperative patients are among those at highest risk for nosocomial infection. Strategies … Protection Status