Zoetis: August Is Itchy Pet Awareness Month

August is Itchy Pet Awareness Month. Zoetis has launched a website to raise awareness about pet skin health needs and created a toolkit for veterinary professionals to use as a conversation-starter with pet owners.

Allergic Dermatitis in Dogs and Cats

From the Field shares insights from Banfield Pet Hospital veterinary team members. Drawing from the nationwide practice’s extensive research, as well as findings from its electronic veterinary medical records database and more than 8 million annual pet visits, this column is intended to explore topics and spark conversations relevant to veterinary practices that ultimately help …

Otitis Externa: Inflammation of the Ear Canal

Otitis externa is a common condition that is frequently seen in specialty dermatology clinics and small animal general practices.1,2 It is defined as inflammation of the ear canal with or without involvement of the pinna.1–3 Otitis is often considered a final diagnosis, but it is merely a clinical sign. The many factors that can contribute …

Taking the Bite out of Feline Mites

Taking the Bite out of Feline Mites

Besides fleas, lice, and ticks, a number of ectoparasites can affect cats. Veterinary technicians should be aware of the many ectoparasites that can cause skin disease in cats, be proficient in performing the necessary diagnostic tests, and understand the various available treatment options in order to educate cat owners. Protection Status