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Vital Signs
Nutrition Notes: Management of Feline Idiopathic Cystitis
The Exam Room: Communicating with Clients about Behavioral Issues in Their Pets
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: The Future of Veterinary Nursing
Vaccination Insights: Adenovirus, Type 2

CE: Blood Transfusions in Anemic Dogs and Cats
Case Report: Otitis Media Bilaterally Causing Atlanto-occipital Joint Infection
Feature: The Veterinary Nurse’s Role in Reading Blood Gasses
Feature: How to Prepare Clinical Pathology Samples for the Lab

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: Nutrition Certification
What Moves You?: Working with Service Animals
Final Thoughts: Back to the Basics

FALL 2021

Vital Signs
Nutrition Notes: Nutrition for the Geriatric Dog and Cat
The Exam Room: Supporting Pet Owners During End-of-Life Situations
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: Health Literacy in Veterinary Medicine
Vaccination Insights: FPV

CE: The Importance of Gait Analysis in the Rehabilitation Exam
Case Report: Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Sequela
Feature: A Veterinary Nurse’s Guide to Fecal Diagnostics
Feature: Stabilizing the Critically Ill Patient for Transfer to Critical Care Facilities

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: Veterinary Nursing as a Military Spouse
What Moves You?: Fostering
Final Thoughts: By Appointment Only

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