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—Kalin Mayberry

I want to thank you for publishing such a well thought out, professional and informative magazine for veterinary technicians. This is long overdue and you have hit a home run.

—Donna Meier

I have been a licensed veterinary technician since 1979 and have had the privilege to work in academia and referral veterinary practices. This journal is relevant, educational and uplifting. It provides information to technicians from the student/recent graduates through veterinary technician specialists.

—Kathi L. Smith

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Vital Signs
Nutrition: Pancreatitis
The Exam Room: Preventative Care for Cats
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: Opioid Shortage
From the Field (Banfield): 2018 State of Pet Health (Derm/Skin Allergies)

CE: Immune-Mediated Skin Disease
Case Report: Missing Canine Tooth in a Persian Cat
Steroidogenesis and Adrenal Disease: Behind the Scenes
The Veterinary Nurse in Patient Pain Management

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: The Role of the Veterinary Nurse in Hospice and Palliative Care
What Moves You? Making a Difference as a Veterinary Nurse
Final Thoughts: Is Suicide Preventable?


Vital Signs
Nutrition Notes: What Do Prebiotics and Probiotics Really Do?
The Exam Room: How to Use Simulated Training to Practice Skills
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: The Impact of Illicit Drugs in Small Animals
From the Field (Banfield): Role of the Veterinary Nurse

CE: Anesthesia: Minimizing Risks for Geriatric Dogs and Cats
Case Report: Treating Digit Osteosarcoma in a Dog
The Veterinary Nurse’s Complete Guide to Toxicology
Fear Free – Making Visits Less Stressful for Patients

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: Managing a Nursing Team After Being Promoted
What Moves You? Volunteering at a Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS) Clinic
Final Thoughts: How to Beat Burnout


Vital Signs
Nutrition: Alternative Ways to Weight Loss Conversation
The Exam Room: Talking to Clients About Tick-Borne Disease
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: To Be or Not to Be: Veterinary Nurse Union
From the Field (Banfield): 3rd Annual Veterinary Emerging Topics Report (Osteoarthritis)

CE: Uncommon Congenital Cardiac Disorders of Dogs and Cats
Case Report: The Case of the Self-Mutilating Bird
How to Recognize, Treat and Prevent Heatstroke
Canine Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: The Challenges and Rewards of Working With Exotics
What Moves You? Deploy to Help ASPCA Cases
Final Thoughts: The General State of Veterinary Nursing Around the World

FALL 2019

Vital Signs
Nutrition: Post-Surgical GI Upset
The Exam Room: Talking to Clients About Owner Compliance
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: Regenerative Medicine and Pain Management for Orthopedic Patients
From the Field (Banfield): 2019 State of Pet Health (Obesity and Osteoarthritis)

CE: Leptospirosis in Dogs
Case Report: Ingested Sewing Needle in a Maltese
Fanconi Syndrome in Dogs
Surgical Nurses in Orthopedic Cases and Post-Operative Care

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: Are You the Bully in the Clinic?
What Moves You? Dog Show Handlers and Veterinary Nurses
Final Thoughts: The Veterinary Nurse and Disaster Relief

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