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The 2020 editorial calendar below is subject to change.



Vital Signs
Nutrition: Grain-Free Diets and Dilated Cardiomyopathy
The Exam Room: Encourage Clients to Bring Their Pets in for Dental Checkups
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: Oncology: A Look at the Promising Research in This Field
From the Field (Banfield): 2019 State of Health Pet Report (Spotlight on Osteoarthritis)

CE: Dental Nerve Blocks for Veterinary Nurses
Case Report: ECG Through the Eye
Feature: Feeding Tubes in Dogs and Cats
Feature: A Review of Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS)

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: Critical-Thinking Skills for Advanced Trauma Management
What Moves You? Writing Curriculum for a University or College Program
Final Thoughts: Addicts in the Workplace: Signs to Look For


Vital Signs
Nutrition Notes: Incorporating Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements to Manage Canine Anxiety
The Exam Room: Pets Having a Seizure: What to Ask; the Nurse’s Role
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: Cannabidiol (CBD) Extract Products for Cats and Dogs: What’s New?
From the Field (Banfield): Effectively Communicating with Clients to Build Lasting Bonds

CE: The Veterinary Nurse’s Role in Recognizing Sepsis
Case Report: A-fib You Not
Feature: The Veterinary Nurse’s Role in Managing and Controlling Hospital Acquired Infections
Feature: Managing Wound Care and Bandaging

The Extra Mile

Career Challenges: Cyberbullying and Its Impact
What Moves You? Become a Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner (CVPP)
Final Thoughts: Relief Vet Techs


Vital Signs
Nutrition: Alternative Diets
The Exam Room: The Onset of Cataracts in Dogs
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: The One Health Initiative
From the Field (Banfield): Measuring Patient Outcomes

CE: Pain Management in Veterinary Patients
Case Report: A Phantom Toxicosis
Feature: How to Perform Ear Sampling and Undertake Microscopy
Feature: Airway Management and Ventilation

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: Many Roles, Shared Goals
What Moves You? Become a Technician Specialist in Rehabilitation
Final Thoughts: Engage the Modern Client

FALL 2020

Vital Signs
Nutrition: How to Run Successful Weight Management Clinics
The Exam Room: Talking to Clients about the Risks from Anesthesia
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: Integrative Medicine in Practice (Certs Available to Vet Nurses)
From the Field (Banfield): 2020 Veterinary Emerging Topics Report

CE: Taking Care of the Very Small Patients: Pediatric Tips
Case Report: Persistent Right Aortic Arch in a Puppy
Feature: Nursing a Canine Patient with Pneumothorax
Feature: An Introduction to Physiotherapy for the Geriatric Patient

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: Are We Doing Enough to Prevent Suicide?
What Moves You? Working at a Shelter
Final Thoughts: Social Media: Powerful Business Tool


Vital Signs
Nutrition Notes: Parvovirus Management: The Role of Nutrition
The Exam Room: Make the Connection: Human-Animal Bond
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: Unbreakable? How the Human-Animal Bond Is Reshaping Veterinary Medicine
Banfield’s From the Field: The Importance of Human Health and Wellbeing to Providing Quality Pet Care

CE: Managing Canine Ocular Ulcers
Case Report: TBD
Feature: A Veterinary Nurse’s Guide to Fluoroscopy
Feature: Behavior Issues in Kittens and Cats

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: The Human-Animal Bond Certification
What Moves You?: Teaching Abroad
Final Thoughts: Social Media: Repairing a Broken Human-Animal Bond


Vital Signs
Nutrition Notes: The Problems with Home-Prepped Meals and Commercial Fresh-Prepped Meals (and How to Advise Clients)
The Exam Room: Communicating with Clients about Behavioral Issues in Their Pets
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: Point of Care Diagnostics: Emerging Diagnostics
Banfield’s From the Field: TBD

CE: Managing Stabilizing the Critically Ill Patient for Transfer to Critical Care Facilities
Case Report: TBD
Feature: A Veterinary Nurse’s Guide to Emergency Ultrasound
Feature: Parasitology (Topic TBD)

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: Handling the Angry Client
What Moves You?: Working at a Critical Care Facility
Final Thoughts: Speak Up, Speak Out — Why title and scope of practice need to be clearly defined


Vital Signs
Nutrition Notes: TBD
The Exam Room: Ensuring Calm Vaccination Visits
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: The Future of Veterinary Nursing
Banfield’s From the Field: TBD

CE: Blood Transfusions in Anemic Dogs and Cats
Case Report: TBD
Feature: The Veterinary Nurse’s Role in Reading Blood Gasses
Feature: How to Prepare Clinical Pathology Samples for the Lab

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: Nutrition Certification
What Moves You?: Working with Service Animals
Final Thoughts: Declawing

FALL 2021

Vital Signs
Nutrition Notes: Nutrition for the Geriatric Dog and Cat
The Exam Room: Supporting Pet Owners During End-of-Life Situations
Trends in Veterinary Nursing: Hospice and Palliative Care
Banfield’s From the Field: TBD

CE: Physical Rehab Modalities
Case Report: TBD
Feature: A Veterinary Nurse’s Guide to Fecal Diagnostics
Feature: A Review of Cardiac Medications

The Extra Mile
Career Challenges: In-home Euthanasia
What Moves You?: Fostering
Final Thoughts: By Appointment Only

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