What Moves You?

The Art of Teaching in Higher Education

Veterinary medicine has evolved so vastly in recent years that veterinary nurses have many potential career paths available. One path many people in our field don’t realize veterinary nurses can take is teaching and writing curriculum, specifically in a college or university setting. This path greatly utilizes the skills and knowledge that veterinary nurses spend years perfecting and is also very rewarding.

A Complicated Career Choice

The worlds of veterinary medicine and dog shows may seem vastly different, but the heart of each is the same—a love of animals.

ASPCA and the Arms of Angels

As veterinary nurses, we dedicate our lives to helping animals because we are animal welfare warriors. Together, all of us can create an environment to help these animals gain a better life—one they all deserve. Please consider volunteering at the ASPCA.

6th annual American Humane Hero Veterinarian and Hero Veterinary Nurse Awards

Learn. Develop. Mentor. Repeat.

By showing empathy with patients we show that veterinary nursing care comes from the heart. Every day, commit to making a difference in your patients’ lives.

Proud To Be a Vet Tech

We all know that a normal day for any veterinary technician is always crazy. We run all over the place and fly around the clinic. We have so many “jobs.” We are a nurse, an operation assistant, a cleaning woman, a front-desk superstar, a radiographer, a grunt worker, and an anesthetist.

What Moves You? Stories of Resilience, Deb Stone

Stories of Resilience

Passion for the profession moves many veterinary technicians, but we are just as moved by our personal lives. Deb Stone shares her story of being moved by an unexpected event and the resilience of others.

Gratitude and Giving Back

Gratitude and Giving Back

Elizabeth Exline shares how her childhood admiration for a veterinary team put her on the path to becoming a veterinary technician.

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