The Exam Room

Dentistry Education for Patients and Practices

Oral disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in dogs and cats, yet 80% of companion animals do not receive dental care at the veterinary hospital. Read more on how to incorporate dental care inside and out of the hospital.

Can We Talk? Ensuring Owner Compliance

Communication from the veterinary team and owner compliance go hand-in-hand in making sure the pet stays up-to-date on preventive medications and post-surgery care.

The 3 Rs of Tick-Borne Diseases

The veterinary medical team must use effective communication and education to ensure clients understand the threat of tick-borne disease and the best preventive methods.

Digging Into Compost Intoxication

Good veterinary nursing care and rapid identification of new or worsening clinical signs in companion animals are key to successfully managing compost intoxication cases.

Photobiomodulation Therapy: Healing at the Speed of Light

This article discusses some of the basics of photomodulation therapy (PBMT), such as the veterinary nurse’s role, dosing, promoting a fear-free environment, and integration into practice. Photobiomodulation therapy remains an evolving aspect of medicine. Because we now have powerful units using appropriate wavelengths, which enable clinically significant results, the next few years will eclipse use … Protection Status