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Lead Toxicity: A Threat to Wildlife

LEVEL OF TOXICITY Animals can present with acute or chronic lead toxicity depending upon the amount and form ingested. Scenario: A fisherman finds a juvenile trumpeter swan (Cygnus buccinator) sitting quietly next to his favorite fishing hole. As he approaches the swan, he notices that she does not try to run or fly away. In …

Me-oww! Managing Chronic Feline Pain

Veterinary medicine has made great strides in the treatment of chronic pain in cats. The veterinary paradigm has shifted from questioning whether animals feel pain to recognizing and treating their pain.

Discospondylitis: An Overview

Discospondylitis is an infection of the vertebral endplates and associated intervertebral disk. The infection typically starts in the vertebral end plate, then spreads to the adjacent intervertebral disc. The blood supply within the vertebral endplates consists of capillary beds with reduced blood flow velocity. Pores in the end plate that normally allow for distribution of …

Equine Pythiosis: An Overview

Pythiosis is a noncontagious disease caused by Pythiosis insidiosum, a fungus-like, protozoan organism. Until recently, it was considered to be a threat only to horses living in tropical or subtropical environments; however, it has been seen in many other areas of the United States, such as Illinois, New York, and even Wisconsin.1 Although dogs, cats, …

Otitis Externa: Inflammation of the Ear Canal

Otitis externa is a common condition that is frequently seen in specialty dermatology clinics and small animal general practices.1,2 It is defined as inflammation of the ear canal with or without involvement of the pinna.1–3 Otitis is often considered a final diagnosis, but it is merely a clinical sign. The many factors that can contribute …

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MDR1 Genetic Testing: What You Need to Know

Hidden in the genetic code of many herding-breed dogs is a mutation that increases their susceptibility to drug toxicosis. It is important for veterinary technicians to recognize which dogs are at risk and which drugs to avoid or administer with a reduced dose.

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