Feature Articles

Catabolism in the Critical Patient

Greater awareness of cachexia will help provide practical approaches to managing body weight and lean body mass in dogs and cats, as well as more directed targets for treatment.

A Foreign Body That Is “Sew” Unusual

This case report describes the extremely rare instance of a dog that ingested a sewing needle, which penetrated the pharyngeal soft tissue structures and ultimately the spinal cord at the atlanto-occipital junction. Fortunately, this case provided an excellent candidate for surgical exploration and removal of the invasive needle.

Anesthesia for Geriatric Patients

Older patients may appear “healthy” for their age, but they often have multiple underlying organ dysfunctions that, when challenged by general anesthesia, can result in a cascade of detrimental events. This CE course will help you create an appropriate anesthesia plan for the geriatric patient.

Guide to Managing Toxin Ingestion

Companion animals are susceptible to several potentially life-threatening toxicants, ranging from human food and medication to animal medication, common plants, illicit drugs, routine household products, and more. Is your veterinary clinic prepared?

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