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Anesthesia for Geriatric Patients

Older patients may appear “healthy” for their age, but they often have multiple underlying organ dysfunctions that, when challenged by general anesthesia, can result in a cascade of detrimental events. This CE course will help you create an appropriate anesthesia plan for the geriatric patient.

Toxicology: Guide to Managing Toxin Ingestion

Companion animals are susceptible to several potentially life-threatening toxicants, ranging from human food and medication to animal medication, common plants, illicit drugs, routine household products, and more. Is your veterinary clinic prepared?

Equine Medicine: Gastric Ulcers in Performance Horses

PERFORMANCE STRESS Most performance horses develop ulcers. Having a dedicated healthcare team to care for these horses is essential to recovery. When considering gastrointestinal problems of horses, colic is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, one of the most common problems affecting nearly all performance horses globally is gastric ulceration. Recent advances …

Feline Medicine Pandora Syndrome

LITTERBOX AVOIDANCE Consider Pandora syndrome as the diagnosis rather than feline idiopathic cystitis. Practicing Cat Friendly The articles presented by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) focus on feline-specific information on cats’ unique behaviors; diagnosis and evaluation of disease and conditions; better approaches and techniques for cats; and strategies to decrease stress associated with …

Internal Medicine Common Upper Airway Conditions

Dogs and cats with upper airway conditions are often seen in the clinic when their condition is acute. Many of these animals are in critical condition as the result of a chronic disease that has progressed to an acute stage. Chronic conditions that typically develop due to breed predispositions or infectious agents include laryngeal paralysis, …

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