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Urethral Obstruction in Male Cats

Urethral obstruction is a relatively common and potentially life-threatening emergency. Prompt, appropriate treatment and supportive care can give patients a good prognosis.

Purr-fect Feline Anesthesia

Purr-fect Feline Anesthesia

Anesthetizing cats can present several challenges, from managing patient stress to administering anesthetics to monitoring during the procedure. Read this article for information that can help you improve the anesthesia experience for your feline patients.

Pain Management for Dental Patients

Pain Management for Dental Patients

Pain management is also a critical component of a comprehensive dental service. This article gives an overview of the physiology of pain, offers a discussion of a variety of analgesic agents, and provides information to help create an effective pain management protocol for dental patients.

Shock: An Overview

Shock is a sequela of trauma and diseases commonly seen in emergency practice, such as heart failure, inflammatory conditions (e.g., pancreatitis), or sepsis.

Canine Diabetes Mellitus: It’s About the Sugar

Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disorder characterized by insufficient production of insulin in the body (type 1, or insulin-dependent, diabetes) or a resistance to the hormone itself (type 2 diabetes).

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