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Case Reports

Winter 2022, Equine Medicine

Periparturient Hemorrhage in a Mare

Janine Baker BTech

Janine earned a Bachelor of Technology degree in equine science from SUNY Morrisville and intends to complete the AVMA-accredited Penn Foster Veterinary Technician program in December 2021. Janine has worked at Rhinebeck Equine since 2015 as the assistant to the internal medicine team, working closely with the board-certified internists. She has developed a passion for internal medicine and contemplates pursuing a VTS in large animal internal medicine. Janine lives in New York’s Hudson Valley region, where she enjoys hiking with her English pointer, Ace.

This case report of a mare that began hemorrhaging into her abdomen soon after parturition illustrates how preliminary laboratory work, careful observations, and prompt treatment allowed for the best possible outcome.

Fall 2021, Gastroenterology

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Sequelae

Kelly Hickey CVT

Kelly’s veterinary career spans 18 years, covering corporate practice, disaster response, community  veterinary care, and private practice. She became a CVT in 2008. She has worked with the ASPCA and FBI to oppose blood sports, puppy mills, and hoarding, as well as with the USDA, where she was recognized for her role in stopping the outbreak of the highly pathogenic avian influenza in 2015. She has also volunteered across the world with Animal Balance, helping with their spay/neuter program for indigent communities. She is currently pursuing VTS certification in internal medicine, is a RECOVER-certified rescuer, and actively teaches the RECOVER guidelines. She has a Himalayan cat named Blue. He had small cell lymphoma, which helped drive Kelly’s interest in IBD.

This case report highlights the difficulty in managing multiple comorbidities.

Summer 2021, Neurology

Bilateral Otitis Media Causing Atlanto-Occipital Joint Infection and Neurologic Signs

Kathleen R. Hipple CVT

Kathleen graduated in 2007 from the Vet Tech Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a degree in Veterinary Specialized Technology. In 2015, she received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh with a focus on chemistry, biology, and psychology. She has worked for 7 years in general practice and 7 years in specialty practice, primarily neurology. 

This case report exhibits a cat pawing at his head and hiding in the home. Imaging and cytology revealed an infection in the AO joint.

Spring 2021, Oncology

Multiple Myeloma in a Cat

Darcy Dailey RVT/CVT, MEd

Darcy is an RVT/CVT with a master’s degree in education. Prior to obtaining her AA in Veterinary Technology, she worked as a 6th-12th grade math teacher and contributed to a long-term research study led by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on teaching effectiveness. She has enjoyed combining her education background with her veterinary medical career and has worked in shelter medicine, feline-only practice, and specialty/emergency care. She discovered a passion for veterinary oncology after accepting a position with BluePearl Specialty Hospital in Maryland in 2018. She has since relocated to Portland, Oregon, with her husband and 2 college-aged children and is preparing for her next adventure with the support of her Corgi-mix, Bailey, and her German Shepherd, Jenga.

This rare oncologic malignancy is difficult to treat and thus has a high mortality rate.

Winter 2021, Emergency Medicine/Critical Care

Concurrent Immune-Mediated Anemia and Thrombocytopenia in a Dog

Jennifer Lyons LVT, MS

Jennifer is a licensed veterinary technician with a master’s degree in animal biology. She attended the University of California, Davis, and later moved to Utah, where she found her passion for emergency and critical care medicine. Jennifer has worked for BluePearl for the past 5 years and is the emergency and critical care supervisor for the BluePearl Pet Hospital in Midvale, Utah. Her interests include post-cardiopulmonary arrest care, transfusion medicine, and bone marrow disease. She is the proud mother of 4 cats. In her down time, she enjoys spending quality time with her spouse snowboarding, mountain biking, dirt biking, and fishing.

This case report describes a young dog who’s immune system was destroying its own red blood cells due to a rare autoimmune disease called Evans syndrome.

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Persistent right aortic arch
Fall 2020, Emergency Medicine/Critical Care

Puppy Problems: PRAA and Intussusception

Amber Hart RVT, VTS (ECC)

Amber graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at Morehead State University in 2001. She has worked in emergency medicine since 2004 and achieved VTS (ECC) certification in 2014. Currently, she works in the ER/ICU on the Emergency and Nursing Team at MedVet in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her professional interests include CPR, sepsis, and intensive care nursing. She keeps the company of a small ark that includes snakes, lizards, guinea pigs, a parrot, and a dog. During her free time, she enjoys reading science fiction, practicing tai chi, making photo albums, and generally being a bit of a nerd.

Read the case report of Duncan, a rescue puppy with a multitude of medical problems.

Summer 2020, Toxicology

Chlorfenapyr Poisoning in Dogs: A “Phantom” Toxicosis

Camille Kelly CVT, VTS (ECC)

Camille is a veterinary ICU nurse at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. Camille graduated with a degree in equine science from Delaware Valley University, in Doylestown, Pa. After working in various private practices, she joined Oradell Animal Hospital in Oradell, N.J., where emergency and critical care became her focus. Her special interests include snakebite envenomation, feline critical care, and blood component therapy. She is passionate about mentoring veterinary nurses, training in advanced nursing skills, and supporting veterinary students in their professional development.

When Daisy presented with signs of toxicity after 2 of her animal companions died hours earlier, this veterinary team worked to determine the cause.

Spring 2020, Cardiology

A-Fib You Not: Quivering Through a PDA Ligation

Bonnie Lockridge RVT

Bonnie is an RVT in the anesthesia department at the University of Georgia. After graduating from Tri-County Technical College in 2014, she completed a large animal rotating internship at the University of Tennessee. Over the past 5 years in academia, she has found great fulfillment in the challenge of taking each case as a puzzle to be solved by providing balanced anesthetic protocols, addressing complications, troubleshooting anesthetic equipment, and triaging emergency cases. Bonnie is currently pursuing VTS certification in anesthesia and analgesia. She resides in Athens, Georgia, with her husband and their 3 dogs.

This case report describes a young dog who experienced simultaneous bradycardia and atrial fibrillation while undergoing surgery to repair a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). In addition to describing the approach used by the surgical team to manage the cardiac event, this case report describes alternative approaches and proposes possible causes.

Winter 2020, Ophthalmology

An ECG Through the Eye?

Holly Kitchen CVT, VTS (Ophthalmology)

Holly practices in the Ophthalmology Service at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. In 2005, Holly graduated from Wells College with a BS in Biochemistry and Microbiology. She earned her CVT in 2013, and her VTS from the Academy of Veterinary Ophthalmic Technicians in 2017. She and 8 other members became the first VTS technicians in the field of veterinary ophthalmology. Holly lectures annually at her institution’s Technician Continuing Education Conference and has presented at the Ophthalmology Technician Continuing Education Conference. Her passions include helping educate future veterinarians, veterinary ophthalmologists and veterinary nurses, and advocating for her patients.

This case report describes an abnormal electroretinogram (ERG) obtained from a patient with a pacemaker and a diagnosis of sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (SARDS). SARDS is one of the most frustrating ocular diseases seen in veterinary medicine.