Case Report

A Complicated, Multidrug-Resistant UTI

Katmandu was a 9-year-old spayed female Bengal cat with a history of chronic kidney disease. Despite aggressive treatment and very dedicated clients, Katmandu’s multidrug-resistant UTI relapsed. Read her case report.

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The 2020 Case Report Challenge!

Today’s Veterinary Nurse is thrilled to partner with Zoetis™ to bring you the 2020 Case Report Challenge! Participants will have the opportunity to win a trip to VMX 2021, including registration, hotel and airfare!

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Clinical Progress of Lingual Hemangiosarcoma in a Cat

This case report describes the symptoms, signs, diagnosis, and follow-up of a feline patient with an uncommon oral tumor. The favorable clinical outcome after single-agent doxorubicin chemotherapy and radiation showed that these modalities can be used to manage discomfort and tumor control, improving the quality of life of a patient with lingual hemangiosarcoma.

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Sildenafil Exposure in a Dog

Ingestion of high doses of sildenafil, which is used in both human and veterinary medicine, can affect heart rate and blood pressure. This case report describes the mechanism of action of sildenafil, along with recognition and management of a typical case of sildenafil exposure.

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