Career Challenges

Are You the Bully in the Workplace?

News accounts and personal stories about bullying are being reported in increasing numbers. While often considered a middle- or high-school problem, bullying in professional workplaces is a common occurrence too and chances are you’ve witnessed it in action.

Unique and Unusual: Exotic Animal Medicine

The surge in ownership of exotic animals has contributed to an increase in owners seeking veterinary care for their pets. Veterinarians and veterinary nurses are finding themselves faced with providing medical care for nontraditional pets, which presents unique challenges.

You’ve Been Promoted! Now What?

The road to a positive work environment is paved with respect for one another. For the veterinary team leader that road comes with speed bumps—all of which can be overcome with superior leadership, respect, integrity, and enthusiasm.

Become a Mentor and Step Up Your Leadership Game

MENTORING GOES BOTH WAYS Good mentors recognize that learning is a two-way street between the mentor and mentee. Leadership can be looked at many ways. I personally believe that being a leader in veterinary medicine means that you also have to be a mentor. According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), mentoring is defined …

An increase in pet care spending is the primary source of employment growth of veterinary occupations

Perception Is Often Reality

Many veterinarians find practice goals of simultaneously providing a high level of medical care and attaining acceptable profit margins can no longer be met without the care provided by credentialed veterinary technicians.

Compliance: A Team Effort

Compliance: A Team Effort

Does your practice struggle with low compliance rates? Debbie Boone shares some tips from her 23 years of veterinary practice management experience on how to boost client compliance.

Stuck. Many of us can relate to feeling stuck when we continuously repeat old processes, live in unhappy relationships, or work in unhealthy environments. We may know that we are unhappy but often stay the course because we don’t know how to make successful change happen. We become comfortable with the familiar misery.

Getting Your Life Unstuck

Have you ever felt that you were in a rut? Trapped? Frozen? Maybe you feel that way now about some part of your life. Read this article for an introduction to the 4 steps to getting “unstuck.” Protection Status