florida abuse pets law

Newly Proposed Florida Law Protecting Pets from Abuse has Gained Bipartisan Support

A proposed law strengthening protection against cruelty for dogs and cats has been introduced and is gaining bilateral support in the Florida House and Senate. HB 621 Animal Cruelty, or Allie’s Law, provides guidelines regarding when a veterinarian or member of a veterinary medical facility is required to report signs of suspected animal cruelty to law enforcement or animal control.

federal animal abuse law

U.S. Senate Passes Bill Making Animal Cruelty a Federal Crime

The Senate unanimously passed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act two weeks after the House passed it on a voice vote. If signed into law, it would make the torture of animals a federal felony punishable by fines and up to seven years in prison. The bill now goes to President Donald Trump.

ban on declawing cats

Poll: Should the U.S. Ban Cat Declawing?

We asked our readers and Facebook fans: “New York has banned declawing procedures for cats. What do you think about this?” More than 2,000 respondents weighed in on the issue. Protection Status