March/April 2017 | Volume 2, Issue 2

Gratitude and Giving Back

Gratitude and Giving Back

Elizabeth Exline shares how her childhood admiration for a veterinary team put her on the path to becoming a veterinary technician.

Pain Management and Becoming a Patient Advocate

Information on pain management and assessment in veterinary patients has grown tremendously. This article provides an overview of common pharmaceuticals as well as advanced multimodal techniques to help veterinary technicians realize their role as patient advocates in minimizing pain.

Pediatric Emergencies

Neonatal and pediatric patients differ significantly from their adult counterparts. Veterinary nurses and technicians must understand these patients’ unique physiologic differences and how they affect diagnosis and treatment of emergencies.

NAVC just completed its 2017 Conference—the last one with that name—in its new home, the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC). Of all the NAVC Conferences I have attended, this one was the most amazing.

If You Missed It…

This year, the NAVC Conference settled into a new home. Next year, it settles into a new name! Find out what happened this year and how the NAVC is already looking to the future. Protection Status