About the Author

Sarah earned an AAS degree in veterinary technology in 2005. She began her veterinary career working at Iowa State University’s Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center in the exotic companion animal department and the wildlife care clinic, dedicating herself to the medical care of exotic animals and wildlife for 15 years. During that time, Sarah achieved VTS status in exotic companion animal medicine in 2015 and earned her BAS degree in veterinary technology in 2018. Sarah currently works as the veterinary technician supervisor for the the University of Wisconsin’s Research Animal Resources and Compliance department, overseeing the care and treatment of research animals. Sarah is currently the 2022–2023 president for the Academy of Veterinary Technicians in Clinical Practice. Sarah is also a Veterinary Support Personnel Network instructor, has lectured at various national conferences, and has published multiple articles. She is committed to lifelong learning and sharing her knowledge about exotic animals through lecturing, writing, and instructing courses.

Updated September 2023