Pet Rehabilitation Center Expands Hydrotherapy Program

Patricia Wuest Editorial Director, NAVC

Pet Rehabilitation Center Expands Hydrotherapy Program
The team at Two Hands Four Paws includes certified canine rehabilitation practitioners, acupuncturists, physical therapists, veterinary nurses and full- and part-time veterinarians.

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for dogs suffering from arthritic pain or recovering from surgery. That’s because water therapy allows a dog to exercise comfortably while minimizing discomfort. One Los Angeles facility, Two Hands Four Paws, has just expanded its water therapy options for patients by adding a third water treadmill and installing a full-size pool.

Two Hands Four Paws is a 6,000-square-foot rehabilitation center in Los Angeles founded by Leslie Gallagher, CCMT, CCRT. The staff veterinarian is Masami Seplow, DVM, CVA, CCRP.

“We are using the three water treadmills all day, all the time,” Gallagher said. “It gives us more flexibility and allows our therapists to have a complete range of treatment options.”

Dr. Seplow is a firm believer in water’s healing power.

“Water is one of the five elements in Chinese medicine,” she said. “I love having hydrotherapy as a complement to the acupuncture and Chinese herbs we do. It lets us offer our clients something truly unique.”

Two Hands Four Paws, located on the west side of Los Angeles, also offers massage, ultrasound and cold laser therapy.

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