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NAVC And HABRI Launch Human-Animal Bond Veterinary Certification

The NAVC and the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) at VMX 2018 (Orlando, FL) announced the launch of an online certificate program in the human-animal bond, piquing the interest of practicing veterinarians, veterinary nurses, and practice managers.

The new program will offer veterinary professionals the unique opportunity to learn more about “research backing the human health benefits of pet ownership and human-animal interactions–and learn how to use that knowledge in veterinary practice.”

Through a series of online modules assembled by experts in the field of human-animal interaction science, veterinarians, veterinary nurses and veterinary practice managers can now develop a formal understanding of the research demonstrating the health benefits of pet ownership and human-animal interaction, and learn how best to use that knowledge in the practice of veterinary medicine.

“Human-Animal Bond will become the new gold standard for veterinarians looking to engage their clients in a meaningful and effective way,” said Tom Bohn, CEO of NAVC. “Through an easy online interface that can be completed at an individualized pace, the Certification will support every aspect of a veterinary practice, from better client dialogue and compliance to improved financial performance.”

“NAVC is a great partner for HABRI, combining human-animal bond science with an unparalleled educational experience for participants in the course,” said Steven Feldman, HABRI Executive Director. “This certification will help veterinarians, veterinary nurses and practice managers understand the science of the human-animal bond, using that knowledge to strengthen client relationships, improve animal care and boost practice wellness.”

To assemble the course material, HABRI and the NAVC convened a group of highly-qualified veterinarians, researchers and academics, many of whom have helped advance our understanding of just how much pets improve our health and well-being through their own research. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) was a key contributor, serving as a Founding Educational Partner for the certification.

For more information, visit NAVC.com/HAB

Also, view the press release from AVMA by clicking here.

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