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Treat Nutrition: The Why, How, and What of Proper Treating

Treating is a subcategory of pet nutrition. The veterinary healthcare team should understand the “why” behind an owner’s need to provide treats and be prepared with appropriate recommendations for treats based on the individual pet and the owner when nutritional adjustments are needed. 

Telehealth Consultations for Parasite Prevention

Telehealth can be an invaluable tool for veterinary practices, especially for those willing to utilize veterinary nurses to perform these virtual appointments. With good preparation and organization, veterinary nurses are capable of meeting the growing demand for virtual appointments.

Continuing Education

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Staging Cancer: Digging Deeper Than the Diagnosis

Having a deeper understanding of the staging process can help the veterinary nursing staff feel more comfortable facing questions from clients and anticipating the doctor’s needs.

Key Components of Canine Gait Analysis in the Rehabilitation Exam

The gait analysis is one of the most important components of a physical rehabilitation examination because it allows the veterinary nurse to narrow possible causes of an abnormal gait and help obtain a diagnosis.

Blood Transfusions in Anemic Dogs and Cats

Successfully providing blood transfusions for anemic patients requires knowledge of how to support the patient during the procedure, blood product selection, administration of the blood transfusion, how to prevent complications, and more.