Clinic Champion: Matthew Rendle

Rendle talks with TVN on his unusual start in veterinary medicine; his love of exotics, mentorship, and working internationally; and being open on mental health issues in the industry.

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Personal/Professional Development

An Updated View of Our Profession: The NAVTA 2022 Demographic Survey

The report contains sections with information on wages and hours, job satisfaction and wellness, utilization, and more, giving updated insight into each of these areas.


Feeding the Cancer Patient

Nutritional management of cancer patients has the ability to influence the course of the disease as well as involve clients in part of their pet’s treatment.

Exotic Medicine

VTS in Zoological Medicine

Those seeking this accreditation must meet certain criteria prior to their application, including minimum 5 years of work experience in the field of zoo medicine and at least 40 CE hours in zoological medicine.


Mycobacterial Infection in a Cat

Infection from Mycobacterium porcinum is an uncommon result of penetrating wounds, but one that should be considered when a cat presents with draining tracts in fatty areas.


Managing Sarcoptes Infestation in Dogs

Typical clinical signs of canine scabies include alopecia, crusting, and papular erythema.

Emergency Medicine/Critical Care

Septic Shock Secondary to Duodenal Perforation

Early recognition of sepsis from the emergency care team played an important role in the case of this Siberian husky.